Dan Cermak
Geroldstrasse 5
8005 Zurich

T +41 78 797 27 89

Sebahat Film & Foto www.sebahat.ch

T +41 79 607 61 14

Dan Cermak‘s career in photography began in 2001 in Switzerland. Fresh out of art school, he was invited to work with an array of swiss and international magazines. Weaving a unique synthesis of art and commerce, his photography became known for beeing powerful and dynamic, and not least for it‘s characteristic sense of humour.

His field of work has extended over the years to incorporate magazine editorials, advertising and annual reports.
Dan Cermak collaborates with different production companies in order to achieve the best possible results. Productions can include casting, location scouting, styling, set design, hair & make up, the retouching of images and all other aspects of photographic production.

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